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WEB SERIES – Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

Grintage LOVES clever smart web series and Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee is one of the best out there.  Did it also influence James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee is show where the TV star Jerry Seinfield picks a fancy car, then picks ups a comedian and then they go for coffee. The show is run by digital network Crackle and now in its eighth season.

The show has featured some of the worlds top comedians such as Louis Ck, Tina Fey, Seth Meyers, Chris Rock and Jim Carey. It also starred other celebrities including Barack Obama, Sarah Jessica Parker and YouTube star Miranda Sings. Was James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke influenced by it?

In the series Jerry picks out a vintage car selected with his guest star in mind. Each episode averages at about 20 minutes long. The website also releases ‘Single Shot’ clips – a smaller, more concentrated cup of comedy – it’s live every Thursday.

Will Ferrell says the secret to his comedy is that he looks like a banker but acts like a nut, which is why Jerry picks him up in a ‘happy, silly’ 1970 Plymouth Road Runner SuperBird for a mid-day break. Watch the full episode here.

Seinfeld chose the show’s format around the car drive and “movement,” specifically because “when attempting to show the meandering, silly and sometimes deep conversations that comedians share, you have to remove the audience to keep the participants from dropping into their acts,” adding that “part of what makes the show watchable is that it’s always moving. There’s no narrative [to] drive the story. We know what happens. We know they’re going to get coffee. You need a kinetic energy to move it along, moving people around keeps them awake.”

Watch the a snippet of the episode featuring Barack Obama here:





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