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WATCH – The Savage Eye ‘Christmas Special’

The Savage Eye was a much loved Irish TV comedy series starring David McSavage. This video clip of the Xmas special is sure as always to divide the audience. 

Overall TSE was a damning but hilarious conclusion about Ireland and its people. Sometimes it was so offbeat and ‘out there’ that it hit and missed the mark in equal measures. But at least it tried to take TV satire out of the tried and tired format. For those who may not be aware the 1st lady you will see is literally the 1st lady – David over lampoons ex Irish President Mary McAleese and her husband – played by John Colleary.

This is what IMDB said – The show is a satirical and often surreal examination of subjects close to the hearts of the Irish people. It takes the form of a fake anthropological documentary as if made by British television. Each show explores one subject from it’s history through to the present covering 6 or 7 topics (or subheadings) using voxpops and informed opinion to inspire comedy sketches and unflinching rants from numerous created characters. The third series is performed by comedians David McSavage, John Colleary, Pat McDonnell and Dermot McMorrow among others. The topics we are covering this year range from Media and Politics to Christmas and Family.

Credit – RTE & Blinder Films





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