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WATCH: Jim Carrey’s Hilarious Impersonations 25 years ago

Not many people know this but Jim Carrey started his ‘career’  performing impressions and physical gags. And it all began entertaining his constantly ill mother!

Patch Adams Would Be Proud!
Patch Adams Would Be Proud!

He loved to make his housebound mum laugh and she loved him doing it. Quickly his popularity grew after performing in public and then – when his talent was spotted – professionaly.

Clint Eastwood Impersonation

His talent for entertaining a crowd pleased a crowd with goofy faces, crazy voices and the impossible movements of his thin, long limbs and what appears to be a triple jointed jaw, speculated by media to be a result of a special plastic surgery operation. That really makes no sense yet it shows people’s disbelief in his unique ability at comedy and mannerisms everytime he steps in front of a camera lense.

Watch his performance, made three years before his movie breakthrough:

Credit – gary eriksson



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