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WATCH: Comic Jack Whitehall Vs Boxer Katie Taylor

Comedian Jack Whitehall appears live in Ireland early next year but watch how he has more than his own punchlines to contend with.

In the build up to the Olympic games the star of Bad Education was put face to face with Ireland’s world boxing champion Katie Taylor.

I don’t think we need to tell you what happens next.

School of Rio is an entertaining new Olympic campaign sponsored by Samsung where Whitehall tries his hand at various Olympic sports such as rowing, boxing and cycling.

“I’d like to think that watching these films will equip the British public with the knowledge they need to enjoy the Games…and hopefully they won’t be too distracted by my athletic physique in a pair of swimming trunks.”

Starts of a bit shaky but given a push from Sir Bradley Wiggins there is no stopping Whitehall (… as there are no brakes).

“I feel like we are sharing a bath and I’m taking the tap end”




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