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WATCH: Happy Birthday John Lennon – ‘The Luck of the Irish’

So maybe half The Beatles were Irish? Lennon & McCartney? The most successful songwriting partnership ever … that was before they broke up. John left in 1969 and the following year Paul announced his departure.

How Irish were the duo?  The late great John Lennon wrote “If you had The Luck of the Irish, you would be sorry and wish you was dead!!  You can see why you didn’t hear this on Irish or UK radio! He recorded it in 1972 and performed it once on US TV with Yoko One to highlight the lack of civil rights for the Catholic population in Northern Ireland in the early 1970s. It was hidden and buried until now. Was it because of Yoko’s vocals?

BBC had also banned Paul McCartney’s single Give Ireland Back to The Irish in 1971 …and as you can guess – with Liverpool – less than an hour’s flight & few hours by ferry across the Irish Sea – it was often called ‘the capital of Dublin’. Both Lennon & McCartney had Irish parentage. John even bought an island off the coast of Mayo during his hippy dippy days and Paul married Heather Mills in Castle Leslie in Co. Monaghan in 2002.

And if you are / were a fan of John, the producers of a new film, The Lennon Report – which just opened close to the former Beatle’s 76th birthday (October 9th) – say the movie will finally tell the real story about what really happened the night John Lennon was shot & killed outside his NY apartment by a deranged fan David Chapman on Dec. 8, 1980. The killer was denied bail for the 9th time last August.

Of all the Fab 4 John Lennon was a naturally funny guy …. we posted a long version recently – here he is the brief glimpse at a good humoured John talking to American TV after a live show

Above watch John Lennon & Yoko Ono performing Luck of the Irish LIVE

Credit – HoneyPieRevolution



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