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WATCH: Crime Classic @ D’Unbelievables

During the 1990s D’Unbelievables were the biggest comedy act in Ireland. By a mile.

Formed in the late 80’s by PAT SHORTT & JON KENNY in Limerick initially as a music act their first forays as a performing duo were at a Wednesday night residency in January 1990 at the Purty Loft in Dun Laoire. Here the patter and the characters took shape. But it was the small screen that attracted the real magic as they tackled the growing ‘straight to VHS’ market. Together they created and developed characters which could be seen on every street corner and every pub in Ireland. They toured extensively all over Ireland for almost a decade until Jon Kenny was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease in 2000. An All Ireland Best Actor Award winner, musician and dancer in earlier years, Jon gladly has recovered and can be now seen on stage in theatres  all over Ireland. Pat Shortt meanwhile launched his solo career in late 90’s and is now established as an award winning TV & Film actor.

In December 2005 “D’Collection” – three of their past shows “D’Video”, “D’Telly”, and “D’Mother” previously only on VHS – were released on DVD for the first time, a sign that they hadn’t gone away yet.

They pair reunited for a one-off nationwide tour from January to April 2011 titled ‘One Hell Of A Do’! At the time they were both brilliant and Irish to the core. One hell of an act. Here they are in their unique comic style taking the p*** out of the RTE Series Garda Patrol.

Compare and contrast the same sketch?  Above filmed on set from a VHS recording and below live on The Late Late Show on RTE TV. You can see why live audiences loved them!



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