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WATCH: All the Boys on the FAS Course & The Dole

Have a look at the best ever song about benefits and being unemployed in Ireland!

TPM are two brothers from Drogheda Co. Louth on the east coast of Ireland. 22 year old unemployed Charles Hendy and his bro engineering student Andrew (aged 20),  hit Youtube after been filmed busking on West Street in Drogheda singing this hilarious song about FAS courses and the catchy funny social diatribe looks set to explode once again online.

For those living outside Ireland – FAS is a government led body offering trainee courses to boost basic technical and generic skills to those without a job. The short courses are typically 6 weeks to 24 weeks duration. The Dole is the Irish term for drawing unemployment benefit i.e. drawing the labour, on welfare etc.

And the good news? All the Boys on the FAS Course has been professionally recorded and here is the video. Not this time filmed with a shaky mobile phone – no sireee. This one is with cameras,  crew, extras, playback, editing ‘n’ all – credit to Graham Patterson, David Noonan and Mark Finnegan. Looks and sounds great!

Last word to Charles – ‘This is all about letting people know that you can still do things you’re passionate about even if you’re on benefits. This notion that everyone is lazy is rubbish.

We’re not interested in fame, we want to uplift crowds and enjoy ourselves and if we can make a living off it then great. We want to continue the fun and involve as many people as possible along the way.” 

TPM are releasing a new single soon so keep an eye out.

Grintage is behind you guys. Sharing is caring!!


Website: https://tpmlaws.bandcamp.com/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1ry3jYok3rzJH-pA8w_q6g

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TPMLAW/?fref=nf



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