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VIDEO PRANK: Seth Rogan’s ‘Sausage Party’ in NY

While promoting Sausage Party, his raunchy animated comedy about food, Seth Rogen decided to prank innocent grocery shoppers in New York to show them “that our food has feelings” – because what’s a press tour without a gag

Rogen set up talking animatronic food in different areas of an NYC grocery store and then hilariously terrifying shoppers who walked by. Based in a hidden control room, he puppeteered the food items to “teach” them a lesson about food with a ton of F bombs – because that’s what  the king of stoner comedy does best – mercilessly blasting the unassuming shoppers for eating him and his friends.

From old people to hipsters, no one went unnoticed or unharmed, but some even hilariously get in on the action by taunting Rogen back (and eating his friends in front of him). It’s pretty sadistic, yes, but also hilarious – and lucky for him he didn’t give any old ladies a heart attack.

Sausage Party is out in cinemas now a look at Reth’s prank video below:



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