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VIDEO: Chevy Chase & Paul Simon’s ‘Call Me Al’

At the time CHEVY CHASE was a seriously popular Hollywood comedy screen actor & PAUL SIMON was a seriously popular singer/songwriter. So what was Chevy Chase doing performing in a new Paul Simon video? 

Maybe Michelle Obama stole the show on Carpool Karaoke recently with James Corden but Chevy Chase made perhaps the most popular celebrity music video cameo of the 1980s when he appeared in PAUL SIMON’s video for ‘You Can Call Me Al’.

The comedian – iconic star of Saturday Night Live, Fletch, 3 Amigos etc – lip-synched the entire Simon track while the musician sat quietly by, just waiting for a moment to interject. Simon and Chase would also enjoy a little horn play and dancing before the clip came to its completion. The Irish angle? Isn’t it true that Simon received tin whistle lessons from lead Chieftain Paddy Maloney? 

What transpired was a stroke of genius – one of the funniest, freshest and enduring music videos ever.

Dare you not to sing and smile along ….!

The relationship between Simon and Chase continued, with Chase inviting his ‘Three Amigos’ co-star Steve Martin to join in on the fun for Simon’s video Proof. Below Steve performed the honours in a star studded tribute to Paul Simon in Washington in 2012. 


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