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VIDEO – Charlie the Unicorn is back!

When YouTube became popular around 2007 /2008  the same videos were circulated around the same circles.

These included Charlie Bit My Finger, Harry Potter Puppet Pals, Leave Britney Alone and  of course, Charlie the Unicorn. The potentil for using the video platform to raise profiles and often boost careers was vast.


The flash animated comedy of Charlie the Unicorn and his friends who go to the mysterious Candy Mountain became a global sensation. You either found it hilarious or you did not get it at all. It was created by Jason Steele of independent film company FilmCow in Orlando, Florida. The weird and wonderful video received over 27m views.

Fun Fact: Steele originally created this video as a birthday present for his mother. (We think our Irish Mammies would much prefer to be brought out for lunch and made a fuss of.)

The sequel, cleverly named Charlie the Unicorn 2, almost doubled the original with over 45m views!

Since they were created back in 2008, Charlie has since retired and FilmCow went on to make other strange and wacky series such as Ghost House & Llamas with Hats.

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Now the big news! In February 2016, 8 years after the original episode was released, Steele announced Charlie is returning for a grand finale. He launched a kickstarter appeal to fund the half hour episode asking for $150, 000. But even he couldn’t have predicted the final figure raised – $209,247 to date and an impressive 4000 backers.

The final episode will be release at the end of the year. Here’s the Kickstarter promo.

Thought? Could grintage kickstart a production fund to seek, commission and produce new comedy shorts, shows and series? Would anyone out there support it? Maybe next year …





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