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VIDEO: ‘Chardonnay GO’ set to rival ‘Pokémon Go’ ?

Comedian and blogger Dena Blizzard – the US star of One Funny Mother – streamed herself live on Facebook going on an epic journey to drink, drink and drink! 

Talking  to camera, Dena sets off in search of some Chardonnay wine in a similar style to all the people spotted out playing Pokémon Go in the past few days. Hunting around in bushes and even busting into people’s houses, the comedian’s mission is a wonderfully tongue-in-cheek critique of everyone who’s been obsessively playing the game since it came out.

Sadly for those wanting to join in on the Chardonnay adventure, you’re gonna lose any of those potential health benefits that people have been praising Pokémon Go for.  You’re also going to need a lift back home once you’ve caught one glass to many…go see why millions of viewers have clocked up this viral blizzard …



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