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Currently in post production, this new Irish film is hell bent on delivering some supernatural Romanic Irish Comedy – it could only be The Gaelic Curse!

Set in Ireland & featuring an all Irish Cast and Crew, the blurb offers a flavour of what’s to come  …

The story begins when the devil cursed two servants for accidentally killing a Gaelic king with whom he had made a pact. This curse was handed down through every generation and is passed on the next living members of the family.

The current recipients of the Gaelic Curse are Bailey O Farrell and Limp O Reilly. The former suffers with a hump on his back and the latter has a limp, each with a life of its own. Bailey lives in L.A and Limp in a rural town in Ireland. 

Both men have a strong friendship after meeting online. Bailey finally comes to Ireland and through a series of comic events with a host of colourful characters the pair try to rid themselves of the dreaded curse!

Credit – Monarch Film Festival



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