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Trailer: SOUTH PARK Season 20

 A 20th season is something worth celebrating and creators of the brilliant SOUTH PARK Matt Stone and Trey Parker are well aware of that.
Following an absurd teaser, the announcement of a new video game and a farting oculus rift, the duo have unveiled a hilarious new trailer for South Park season 20 via social networks.

However, with the creators only revealing episodes on a weekly basis, we don’t actually get to see any new images of the upcoming season. Instead, the animated series reveals 21 sets of figures from the number of countries the animated series is broadcast in (130) to the number of Kenny deaths (102).

All of that is accompanied by a succession of images from the show’s 267 already aired episodes and, of course, a heavy dose of piss-taking.

The latest instalment of South Park is set to hit screens on September 14 on Comedy Central.



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