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Top Irish Moments – The Simpsons


It’s the TV show that kids and adults love. Has to be the longest running comedy on TV? And with the most episodes ever produced? 
So we thought we’d explore the Irish factor in The Simpsons – helped of course by the amount of Irish / American comedy scribes that have graced the most coveted writer’s room in TV humour.
Here’s our selection of the Best Irish Moments in The Simpsons.
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1 – We’ll start at the very beginning at the opening titles of Simpsons where Bart is spotted writing on the black board.

Simpsons Chalkboard


2 –  Here’s a glimpse of the Irish version of Krusty the Clown


3 –  ‘Look out Itchy, he’s Irish’


4 –  Lisa sings an Irish lullaby to bring the Catholics and Protestants together.


5 – “Everything going dark. Like Duff Stout, the beer that made Ireland famous.”

giphy (3)


6 – Of course U2 had to make an appearance along with their personal ‘Potato man’


7 – Ralph’s Leprechaun


8 – Groundskeeper Willies enemy Seamus


9 – Apparently Flanders isn’t a fan of the Irish

giphy (5)


10- When Glen Hansard tries to woo back his girl.


11- Mr Burns recalls his youthful days on the boardwalk.


12 –  Lisa falls in love with Colin the Irish boy in the Simpson movie.


13 – Resemblance to Enda?

ezgif.com-optimize (1)


14 – Protestant vs Catholic heaven


15- Last but not least, here’s the Simpsons take on St Patrick’s day

“Drinking, violence, destruction of property. Are these the things we think of when we think of the Irish?”



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