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Top 10 Hilarious Movie Villains

It’s ridiculously hard to take these bad guys seriously. 

For every couple of dozen serious or generic movie villains, there is one capable of making us laugh and cranks the sleaze and incompetence to new levels. These range from parodies of existing tyrants like Kim Jong Il, to burglars Harry and Marv, fashion designer Mugatu and Doctor Evil himself.

#10- Kim Jong-il “Team America World Police” (2004)

Kicking off our list is the puppet that put a gut bursting spin on the real life North Korean tyrant. Voiced by Trey Parker, this ruthless and foul-mouthed villain makes us laugh with every motion and word. But the hilarity doesn’t end with his not so subtly racist voice, as he allies himself with F.A.G, keeps “deadly black panthers” for pets, gives the U.N. weapon’s inspector a dip in the pool, and sings about his feelings.

#9- Beetlejuice “Beetlejuice” (1988)

Next up on our list is the title character from Tim Burtons morbid classic, the one of a kind freelance demon bio-exorcist. This stripe wearing creepshow forces his way into the afterlives of Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin, who only want to claim their house back from the living. As a troublemaking pervert, he quickly becomes a major pain in the neck, and that’s despite the impressive resume!


#8- Harry and Marv “Home Alone” (1990)

A comedic duo, these dimwitted robbers are notoriously known as the Wet Bandits. Aiming to rob a house occupied by a lone child, the amount of fail they bring to the table is unmatched. Okay so they’re not always ha ha funny when they aren’t experiencing life threatening amounts of pain, but boy do they take punishment like champs! Wait, did they really plan to kill an 8 year old?

#7- Prince John and The Sheriff of Rottingham “Robin Hood: Men in Tights” (1993)

In this Mel Brooks spoof, the titular hero takes a back seat to the tyrannical, immature and power-hungry duo ruling England with a not so iron fist. The outlandish prince is notable for his ever shifting mole [Your majesty your mole has changed sides…I have a mole?] and his profound love of bubble baths. On the other hand, the sheriff’ is ridiculously incompetent, complete with backwards-nervous talk. Not that it means he doesn’t have swagger!

#6- Jacobim Mugatu “Zoolander” (2001)

Oh will Ferrell, what will you invent next? [I invented the Piano neck tie Derek!] The archrival of Derek Zoolander, this keenly dressed fashion designer uses a brainwashing scheme that would have the Malaysian prime minister killed in order to retain cheap child labor. Ridiculous attire aside, as a will Ferrell character, his best moments are obviously his tantrums.

#5- White Goodman “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story” (2004)

A fitness fanatic who’s incalculably petty and dimwitted, Stiller’s Goodman wants to remove all th competition to his Globo Gym franchise. Small-minded and small in stature, this beady-eyed one-liner machine is absolutely insane and will stop at nothing to win a dodge ball tournament. Most outrageous of all, he harbors a secret passion for junk food that has nothing to do with eating it!

#4- Shooter McGavin “Happy Gilmore”(1996)

Another sports villain, this one concerns himself with golf. The most celebrated golfer on the PGA tour, he is the man standing in the way of Adam Sandler getting his grandmother’s house back. Though talented, his one of cinema’s most arrogant jackasses who relishes in going the low road to try and get Sandler disqualified. Man, was there a comedy in the late 90s where this guy wasn’t the villain?

#3- Dark Helmet “Spaceballs” (1987)

This baddie, as you probably can tell, is based on a certain Sith Lord. However, underneath that massive helmet lurks only slightly more ridiculous than Hayden Christensen! Gotta love Rick Moranis! A real ball buster thanks to power of the Schwartz, he’s a short and short-tempered megalomaniac out to steal a planet’s air supply. He does this while playing with his dolls, cranking things up to ludicrous speed and harboring a strange connection to the hero! Like the rest of us, he hates it when he gets his Shwartz twisted.

#2- Ernie McCracken “Kingpin” (1996)

Hold on to your momma tight, because big Ern is coming! The biggest jerk in the history of jerkdom, this pro bowler’s hustle ends up costing Woody Harrelson his hand. Sporting a ridiculous comb over and equally ridiculous concentration face, Bill Murray’s Ern is spinning in glee over the expense of his tormented foe, going so far as to make his name synonymous with choking.

#1- Doctor Evil “Austin Powers Trilogy” (1997- 2002)

Was there any doubt? Taking the top spot is the evil Blofeld parody brought to life by Mike Myers! A pasty pinky raising villain, he has a fond love of his cat and has absolutely no concept of monetary inflation. What he does have is a wild imagination, a love of dismissing employees, awesome sounding sharks, a miniature clone, and the weirdest origin story we’ve ever heard…



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