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Tommy Tiernan and Pat Shortt star in new dark Irish comedy

Much loved Irish actors Pat Shortt and Tommy Tiernan are both extremely well-established comedians and slowly building up an impressive CV in TV and film.

Both have had stellar careers in TV, on stage and now are set to truly show the diversity of their talents.

Dark Lies the Island is an upcoming black comedy which sees Shortt and Tiernan take on noticeably more serious roles.

Written by Irish author Kevin Barry and, based around characters he created for his own short story collection, Ian Fitzgibbon’s (Death of a Superhero) film centres on a small Irish town over a week-long period. If you’re going get involved with men in a small Irish town, they might as well be the Mannions. The Mannions are a feuding family in the town of Dromord who are all set at each other. Sara is married to Daddy Mannion but holding a candle for her first love, his son Doggy. Cue a joke about the fact he was barking mad? When Sara also gets involved with his brother, trouble looms. An impressive Irish cast including also includes Peter Coonan, Charlie Murphy and Moe Dunford flesh in this unique, dark, comedy which offers on-the-nose observations about Irish life.

The trailer for the film poiunts to a film packed with dark intrigue, interesting visuals and a creepy tale set in a small Irish town.

Pat Shortt plays Daddy Mannion, the head of the feuding family while Tommy Tiernan is the quiet outsider who arrives into town much to the displeasure of Shortt’s character.

Despite the change in pace for the actors, this is not the first time Pat Shortt and Tommy Tiernan have taken on more complex roles.

He previously made a lasting impression following his performance in the Irish dark comedy Garage while Tiernan currently showcases his acting chops on Channel 4’s series Derry GirlsD

Dark Lies the Island premieres as part of the Virgin Media Dublin International Film Festival on Wednesday, February 27 in Cineworld, Parnell Street.



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