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This Is The Number One Film In The US Right Now

Everybody is talking about this psychological comedy thriller right now. 

The movie doesn’t have a particularly huge cast for the recognition it has received. Written and directed by cult comedian Jordan Peele. It stars Girls’ Alison Williams and Black Mirror actor Daniel Kaluuya. This thriller focuses on the racism in America. A young black man visits his white girlfriends family for the first time and senses something isn’t right.

It has received a very rare 99% rating on rotten tomatoes. Especially rare for a horror film which usually rank lower than other genres.

One reviewer says “Part of what makes Get Out both exciting and genuinely unsettling is how real life keeps asserting itself, scene after scene.”

While another says, “A memorable horror flick if ever there was one, Get Out starts with a great title and promising idea – a black man’s fear as he walks at night down a street in an affluent white suburb. Then it delivers on that promise with explosive brilliance.”

The film is out in Ireland March 17th.



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