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The Potato Song

John Porter McMeans animates Cheryl Wheeler and the Spudding Taternacle Choir singing an homage to the venerable vegetable.

Cheryl introduces this as the most ridiculous song she has ever written. It is extremely funny.

She was walking through the woods with James, her border collie, when the chorus of the Mexican Hat Dance kept running through her head, using only the word potato. To make matters more difficult, she decided to sing it so that each line started with a different syllable. Later, when she was driving to a concert, she started on the verses.

You have to hear it to believe it.

John Porter McMeans created an animated version of this song on YouTube that has gotten over a million viewings. He also created one for My Cat’s Birthday.



Words and music by:

Cheryl Wheeler

They’re red, they’re white, they’re brown

They get that way underground

There can’t be much to do

So now they have blue ones too


We don’t care what thay look like we’ll eat them

Any way they can fit on our plate

Every way we can conjure to heat them

We’re delighted and think they’re just great



PO ta to po ta to po ta to po

ta to po ta to po ta to po ta

to po ta to po ta to po ta to

po ta to po ta to po ta to


Sometimes we ditch the skin

To eat what it’s holding in

Sometimes we’d rather please

Have just the outside with cheese


They have eyes but they do not have faces

I don’t know if their feelings get hurt

By just hanging around in dark places

Where they only can stare at the dirt


(Repeat Chorus)


I guess the use is scant

For other parts of the plant

But that which grows in view

Is eating potato too


I imagine them under their acres

Out in Idaho and up in Maine

Maybe wondering if they’ll be bakers

Or knishes or latkes or plain


(Repeat Chorus)



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