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That Saoirse Ronan Aer Lingus Sketch on SNL

Saoirse Ronan hosted Saturday Night Live last weekend and we are..confused?

This was the Oscar-nominated actress’s first time to host the show. Her opening monologue mainly focused on her name, the pronunciation and the spelling which seem to be a common topic in her interviews.

In her opening monologue, she said: “Yes, I am Irish, and I have an extremely Irish name, some would say too Irish.

“It’s Saoirse, it means freedom but I’ve got a little problem – it’s spelled wrong, the full typo.

“You can see why people have a hard time. If it was a Wheel Of Fortune puzzle, you couldn’t afford it. There’s too many vowels, God bless them.

“No one has been able to pronounce my name – not even close.”

And of course, the rest of the show involved jokes about Ireland.

One of the main topics of discussion was the Aer Lingus sketch. The 23-year old dressed in the bottle green uniform played an air hostess called Colleen. She was joined by Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong. Starting out with a very long drawn out explanation of what Aer Lingus sounds like. Of course us Irish were the butt of the jokes, with the usual potato references and awful accents.

For some reason we can’t wrap our heads around the skit was centred on a whole lot of dogs on the airplane?

Aer Lingus responded to this on Twitter yesterday and asked people whether they found the skit funny. Unfortunately for Saoirse, a huge 66pc of voters gave it the thumbs-down.


After watching, or trying to watch the show they took to Twitter again to share how they felt about the sketch.

To make it, even more, Irish U2 played 2 songs from their new album.


While the Aer Lingus sketch didn’t seem to go down too well, Saoirse has been praised for her participation in the sketch ‘Welcome to Hell’ about sexual predators in Hollywood.





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