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Stand-up Special: Lucas Bros On Drugs

Stand-up comedy from a higher perspective.

These lads have been doing stand up for a while now but you may also recognise them from 22 Jump Street or their animated shorts.

They now have a Netflix stand-up special. The deadpan twin comics Keith and Kenny Lucas take the stage in Brooklyn with a set that touches on drugs, race, Deion Sanders, teachers and O.J Simpson.

“The special is very much consistent with what we’ve been doing over the last couple of years in terms of themes, tones and the embrace of surreality and absurdism,” Kenny says. “The break is that it’s stand-up, so it translates a little differently.”

“Stand-up is what we started off doing,” Keith says. “When we started doing animation, it was this new experience that we didn’t even anticipate getting involved with. With stand-up, we had this mission of doing an hour and doing late-night. It feels like we’re going on this journey that we’ve already started, not a deviation.”

“With the stand-up act, we have to collaborate consistently,” Keith says. “With animation, we can go off on our own and write our own scripts. With stand-up, we constantly have to work together, which makes it a bit more collaborative. Stand-up is a lonely endeavor for most people. You travel alone, you perform alone, and I’ve seen people get mentally frustrated because of it. I’ve never really worked alone, but I feel like working together gives us somewhat of an advantage when coming up with material. We always have each other to bounce our ideas off of, and even when I’m not coming up with anything, I know some ideas in his mind are percolating. It seems like it always makes us more productive.”

A game for you. Try and tell which one is which while you watch.




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