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Soccer Mad? Monty Python Style

With all the various leagues and cups around the world hotting up who else can bring utter nonsense to the soccer pitch but those comedy kings Monty Python. 

Here the Germans take on the Greeks in a totally bizarre cup final. Starring in the sketch are Archimedes (John Cleese), Socrates (Eric Idle), Hegel (Graham Chapman), Nietzsche Michael Palin), Marx (Terry Jones) and Kant (Terry Gilliam). Palin also provides the match television commentary.

Confucious plays the referee and keeps time with an hourglass. As play begins, the philosophers break from their proper football positions only to walk around on the pitch as if deeply pondering, and in some cases declaiming their theories. It never featured on the BBC series. The Sketch was written to coincide with the 1972 German Olympics and only included in the Monty Python Flying Circus German TV series in December the same year.

Here as you can see it was shown live at the 1982 Python re-union shows at the Hollywood Bowl in LA and was top of Eric Idle’s Top 5 Pyton sketches. 

Credit – Monty Python




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