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Irish Rail funny …

At least Irish Rail is using an agency that appreciates a sense of humour … and gets the message across 

Don’t forget to bring dirty clothes and hide the hickey.

Full ad script – 

STUDENTS, Go See the Folks, before they come see you.

Student life being away from home for the first time can be exciting, learning new things, meeting new people and enjoying new experiences.

But don’t forget about the folks! Check out our surprisingly low student fares available online and at the station, all you need is your college ID.

Student Return Fares
Dublin To/From Price
Athlone €22.00
Belfast €40.00
Cork €32.50
Galway €23.00
Kerry €36.00
Limerick €23.00
Sligo €24.00
Waterford €22.00
Westport €34.00
Wexford €22.00




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