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Silly Olympics Sketch – Monty Python’s Flying Circus

Oh yes – now for something completely different to Rio! The Silly Olympics sketch was featured in Episode 1 of two x 45-minute Monty Python German television comedy specials – “Monty Python’s Fliegender Zirkus”.

First broadcast in January 1972, Episode 1 was shot entirely on film, mostly on location in Bavaria and recorded in German. Silly Olympics was later dubbed into English and included in

“Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl” (1980),  “Monty Python Live (mostly) and One Down Five to Go” (2014)

Some of the events include classics like the “The 100 yards for people with no sense of direction”

silly olympics


We think Katarina doing the high jump for the Soviet union definitely got a world record at 1:46.

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