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SHOCK HORROR – Irish Olympic TV commentator ‘hasn’t a clue’

Annalise Murphy did Ireland proud at the 2016 Olympics by securing a silver medal in sailing.

In the 2012 Olympics one Irish commentator made the headlines for different reasons. Chris ‘The Viper’ Tordoff from comedy group The Hardy Bucks decided to commentate on the same women’s sailing event in 2012 and the video went viral and not for his impressive knowledge about sailing. International media believed the Vipers mock commentary to be a serious Irish broadcast!

Here is a Buzzfeed article titled ‘Here’s One Really Vulgar, Hilarious Irish Olympics Commentator’

The video has also been featured on Funny or Die, Huffington post and the creator of the IT Crowd and co-writer of Black Books & Fr Ted Graham Linehan even tweeted “Really funny sailing commentary!”

Staying with Irish Olympic silver medalists in Rio, check out this much celebrated TV interview with rowers O’Donovan brothers from Cork.




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