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Politician Fintan McCormac’s – Campaign Diaries

Ever wonder about the heroic and hard working day of a local politician? Follow this Mockumentary comedy series about ambitious politico Fintan McCormac from Dublin!

Credit Windup Merchantz

In Part One above a camera crew follows McCormac around during the race for the upcoming election. Watch as he gets down with the community and knocks a ball around with one of the local constituents.

Part Two Of Fintan McCormac’s Political race to be re-elected watch as the politician tackles an issue that is close to his heart. Homelessness.

Part Three sees local politician, Fintan McCormac, making his way to the polling station to cast his vote. Along the way he tries to gain one last bit of final support but instead gets beaten up!

Part Four sees Fintan McCormac saying goodbye to politics and all of his die hard supporters after failing to get a seat in the Dail.

The Windup Merchantz informed Grintage we haven’t seen the last of the Great Fintan McCormac!



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