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Why is there no Moone Boy film in 2016?

When you want to get information about one of the best shows on television, nothing beats getting the inside scoop from one of the main actors. Speaking to Goss.ie about a potential film for the hit Sky One comedy Moone Boy, O’Kane says that while they’re all keen to do it (including Sky) it seems like everyone is too busy at the moment. Especially the writers Chris O’Dowd and Nick Vincent Murphy who are now both LA based. 

“So basically, the reason why I feel it hasn’t happened until now they’ve got this commitment to the book [Moone Boy: The Fish Detective] and that’s the second one out and I know they’ve been commissioned for a third” she said.

Tough luck for the fans of the Baby Cow produced show, luckily though you can still read along to the further adventures of Seán and Martin at home.

Deirdre O’Kane started doing stand-up in 1996 and swiftly got to the finals of the BBC New Comedy Awards in Edinburgh. Since then she’s performed everywhere from Shanghai to the Middle East as well as appearing in television programs (Paths to Freedom), films (Intermission) and stage plays (Are You There, Garth? It’s Me, Margaret by Fiona Looney). The word is that she is returning to the comedy stage in 2016 and she is well worth catching.

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