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No.1 WATCH – Rubberbandits & Horse Outside

No.1 Watch is a new summer season of Irish online comedy where we feature the most watched You Tube comedy videos over the last decade or so. Some we feel deserved a bigger audience. Others have catapulted the performers to global attention.

The latter befell THE RUBBERBANDITS a musical comedy duo from Limerick who produced this little ditty for RTE – Ireland’s national TV broadcaster and commissioned by their flagship comedy series Republic of Telly. So far the video has nearly 14.5m views.  And that’s only the stats via the ‘official channel’.

The popularity of the song and the viral success literally blazed the trail and led the way for a new wave of Irish online comedy. So masks off to Blindboy Boatclub and Mr. Chrome who have now emerged as one of the most innovative and exciting live acts across the globe with a social & political sting to boot.

So here ya go – and even if you’ve seen HORSE OUTSIDE before it still has a stonking chorus and deserves a re-view.

By the way Grintage are keen to curate and compile all the best Irish comedy on one site but can can only do that with the talent and support of the varied writers & performers. Please support and explore more videos on their own channels.

If you have a suggestion who we feature in No.1 WATCH send us on a link or a steer to share@grintageireland.com

PS – As a sign of the times and the international reach of Grintage, some non Irish grintagers made contact with us seeking links to Irish screen comedy & most never heard of the RBs. That sparked the No.1 Watch series. Some in the UK actually mentioned their Channel 4 pilot (produced by Dublin’s Sideline) as a reason they love Irish comedy so much.

As a treat watch the 2013 half hour Ch4 show here –







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