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No.1 Watch – Riyadh K & Bullying

We continue our new season of No.1 Watch where we feature … ahem … the most watched You Tube comedy videos posted by the cream of Irish online comedy over the last decade or so. Some we feel deserved a bigger audience. Others have catapulted the performers to global attention. 
OK – we just broke our rule. This is actually not very funny and merely Riyadh’s 2nd most watched video but only just (from Sept 2015) but deserves to be seen and shared again and again.

In his own words

School life can be hard enough without the added anxiety of dealing with daily bullying. I went through years of bullying simply because I was a little bit different.

In this video I try to put some closure on that chapter of my life and show that the bully and the one who was bullied can come to peace.

If you are, or have suffered from bullying then check out the guys at Anti Bullying Pro: http://www.antibullyingpro.com

Follow them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AntiBullyingPro

And for something completely different … for mature viewers only … below have a good laugh and share the moment with his mother – FYI this is the real No.1 Watch (nearly 4m views) –

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