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News About The Inbetweeners We’ve All Been Waiting For

After three seasons and two movies did we expect much more?

Simon Bird aka Will MacKenzie has said “I can confirm The Inbetweeners is over.”

Some of us went through our teen years shouting ‘Bus Wankers’ at the unfortunate people waiting at bus stops.  Simon said that since the show he has been heckled by people who shout ‘Bus wanker. Briefcase wanker. All the wankers,’ Simon said. ‘Sometimes just plain old wanker. I’ve got no right to complain. To be in a show that people love and quote back at you is the reason you get into this business. I feel privileged to have that experience.’

We’ve all teased our friends when they start hanging out with some one new with the infamous ‘oooh friend’. There’s plenty more catchphrases where they came from and we’ll just have to keep on using them and make the show live on.

“I feel that happens a lot with British comedies. They’re short-lived but make a big impression. We’re used to American comedies where you blink and suddenly there’s been 150 episodes of The Big Bang Theory but it’s a different system here.

There’s no writers’ rooms. Sitcoms tend to be very authored, the visions of their creators, who write every word. It’s difficult to write one episode, so to write 18 is a superhuman feat.

To fans, it feels like there’s more because they’ve gone back and watched them so many times, which is humbling.”




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