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TV News – Judd Apatow’s ‘Crashing’ on HBO

Crashing is a new series coming to HBO  and promises to be on the comedy gems of 2017. It is written and stars Pete Holmes.

Crashing is about a wholesome comic (played by Holmes) who when his wife leaves him ends up homeless (ahem … should that not be Holmesless?). This leads to him sleeping on the couches of some of New York’s best known comics. Think Couch Surfing with jokes.

The show is directed by the legendary Jude Apatow (also pictured). Expect cameos from T.J. Miller, Jermaine Fowler and Sarah Silverman.

Crashing premieres Sunday, February 19th at 10:30pm on HBO – a night when we’ll ask each other – Have you no Holmes to go to?



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