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Lad Sleeps Alone In Irelands Most Haunted Building

Irish lad spends the night the Hellfire club to prove he’s not a gimp.

Irish comic and Youtuber Dara Tah challenged himself to spend the night in the Hellfire Club on Montpellier Hill in the Dublin Mountains.

Last year the Hellfire Club was voted the most haunted building in Ireland followed by Loftus Hall in Co Wexford.

“The Hellfire Club in Dublin, Ireland is a notoriously haunted abandoned building with a really dark history. And so I tried sleeping in Ireland’s most haunted building alone. 24 hour overnight challenge.” he said.

The video starts with him saying “When I was a kid, I was a little bitch” so maybe he’s just trying to prove to himself that he’s not anymore? Is it a brave task or just crazy?

Armed with just a camera and a few pigeons to keep him company he attempts to spend the night there alone. See how he gets on below:

You can subscribe to Dara’s YouTube channel here.

Dara Tah Social Links: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/daratah Twitter: https://twitter.com/daratah



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