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Is this animation Racist towards the Irish?

The latest video from WooleyWorld animation sees an Irish-American taking a trip to the Emerald Isle. That’s Ireland (begorrah). 

However the animation depicts the most stereotypical view of Irish there has possibly ever been and its kinda hilarious as it’s so outdated and downright racist! Here the Irish are seen as fighting & eating (raw) potatoes, getting pissed and having pints of Guinness with farm yard pigs!

Grintage doesn’t think the Irish Tourist Board will be releasing this any time soon to persuade an international tourist to make the jump across the ocean on some ‘ancestry journey’ … but no matter there is a welcome here for you .. and a comedy club in every town to keep you amused!

Makes you wonder where these people think Saoirse Ronan, U2, Lenny Abrahamson, Bob Geldof, Mary Robinson, Hozier, Tommy Tiernan and Caitriona Balfe (and the 1000s of young and smart, cool indie Irish around the globe) all came from!!

Wake up world… it doesn’t wash anymore! The Irish are more than this ….



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