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Irish Animation Company To Work On Flintstones Spin-Off

Salty Dog Pictures are going to work with Warner Brother on a new Flintstones spin-off.

The Dublin animation company have signed a deal where they are going to create new spin-off of the hugely popular cartoon.

Salty Dog will be providing animation services overseas. A Dublin animation company has entered into a deal with Warner Brothers to work on a new spin-off of the iconic Flintstones cartoon.

Salty Dog Pictures is providing overseas animation services for the new series.  24 episodes have already been commissioned, which is about half of the series.

Last year the company worked on The David S. Pumpkins Halloween Special, starring Tom Hanks on Saturday Night Live. For more information see the article below.

The David S. Pumpkins animated special ft Tom Hanks

The production company are also currently working on a futuristic Irish-American comedy about a family who try to make a new start on the moon.

“I always wanted to have a base in Ireland and work with LA studios,”  said chief executive of the company Deirdre Barry. Five years ago Barry and her business partner, Clifford Parrott, set up Salty Dog.

“This new project is exactly what we intended. We can do everything from here in Dublin that you can do in LA,” said Barry. “Everything is just sent back and forth by file transfer, Skype and all of that.”

The Flintstones spin-off focuses on the lives of best friends Pebbles Flintstone and Bamm-Bamm Rubble.



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