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Interruption: Winner of Best Picture at Firehouse

Comedy Short starring David Patrick Emery and Brian Mundy.

Subscribe to them on Youtube: davidstpatrick

“We thought it would be cool if there was no barrier to entry; that anyone of any age can enter, as long as you fit our criteria of being under five minutes and on the theme,” says Conor Barry, one of the three organizers.

The Firehouse Film Contest is a monthly short film festival in Dublin. All entries have been made the previous month and are under five minutes long. It encourages new filmmakers to try their hand at making shorts in a low-pressure, low-cost environment. There is no entry fee or prize money. All eligible entries are screened.

Screenings take place at 7pm on the first Sunday of the month at A4 sounds, off Dorset Street.

Email Firehousefilmcontest@gmail.com to submit an entry.

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