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VIDEO: Worst County in Ireland?

Grintage first produced and posted this original video when we had a few hundred ‘likes’. Now over 25,000 facebook fans have joined the party all fed and watered by passionate comedy people from a little bunker in Dublin 6. It is by no means a full time operation so thank you.

Just to recap – we enlisted the help of the brilliant Clare Cullen AKA Clisare to find out once and for all – What’s The Worst County In Ireland? We have 32 counties in Ireland – 6 up north and 26 in the south. 

And if you’re from any of the nominated counties, don’t take it personally- it’s only their opinion and they didn’t even have to explain their reasons, but most of them did, and it got pretty weird. You won’t find these answers on Discover Ireland. Take a look for yourself.

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