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George Carlin: Pro-Life is Anti-Woman

George Carlin was one of America’s finest comedians & never afraid to take on institutions or taboos. Here he discusses abortion and the “sanctity of life”.

Some people may find George’s views and the material offensive so ‘adult warning’. Spoiler alert – he doesn’t believe in religion or God.

Btw his real name is Mr. George Denis Patrick Carlin.  And you’ve guessed it from his middle names – the man was born into a Catholic Irish family in New York. The late great George Carlin was beyond compare and acclaimed by comedians being up there – with Richard Prior – as the greatest stand up comedian of all time. Sadly he passed away in June 2008 aged 71. But thanks to You Tube his brilliant stage performances live on.

In 2004 Carlin was placed second on the Top 10 US Comedians ever and in 2008 he was posthumously awarded the biggest US honour – the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.



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