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Father Jacks Best Bits

We don’t need to be reminded again but 2016 was a year that will always be remembered as losing many great people that made a huge impact on todays world. The big names repeated over and over again include Prince, David Bowie and Alan Rickman. 

Many Irish were lost too this year such as the writer William Trevor, Sir Terry Wogan and poet John Montague. 

Today we want to make a tribute to the comedy legend Frank Kelly aka Father Jack in Father Ted. 

His obituary in the Guardian was the following:

“The actor was best known as Father Jack Hackett, the demented, drunken old cleric bellowing “Drink! Girls! Arse! Feck!” from his armchair in the priest’s’ house on Craggy Island. But there was far more to Kelly, who has died aged 77. He had been a versatile television and radio star, stage actor, writer, satirist and singer in Ireland for more than 20 years before his breakthrough role in the classic Channel 4 series Father Ted (1995-98), written by Graham Linehan And Arthur Matthews.

“A gentle, urbane and analytical person, Kelly once told me: “Father Ted is not a lampoon of the church at all. It’s a dysfunctional little family, and it’s a very convenient umbrella to bring these people together under. Ted is a guy who is really trying to do it properly. He’s very flawed because he’s greedy and has a background of some embezzlement; he’s weak. Dougal is a dum-dum, which you will get in any job. But my character is an exaggeration of a problem that exists within the church: superannuated, alcoholic, ancient priests who have to be looked after by younger men.” In one episode Father Jack was described by Ted (Dermot Morgan) and Dougal (Ardal O’Hanlon), in alternate sentences, thus: “Mid-50s to mid-80s. Tremendous smell of vegetables off him for some reason. Angry man, very angry. Hates children. Likes a drink.”

In October 2015 Frank announced that he had Parkinson’s disease and not long after on February 28th 2016 he passed away. 




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