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Emma Doran’s Guide to being an Irish Soccer Fan!

Dubliner Emma Doran is a comedy force on the rise and quietly emerging as a real online comedy star. We in grintage love her understated ‘less is best’ performance.

READY FOR THE SOCCER? If you want to fit in with everyone else later while watching Ireland v Italy in the the Euro’s here’s Emma’s How to video to help you get through the 90 minutes.

Emma has certainly hit on a successful formula and expect her online star to rise and rise. Lately she has developed a new pisstake approach to ‘make up tutorials and tips on life’. Like …

Bumping into an Ex

Getting that Irish Summer Look ….

PS – As well as growing her impressive range of comwebedies (have we made up a word?) Emma has been wowing live audiences at the recent Cat Laughs in Kilkenny plus also scored awards such as:

Winner – Ha’penny Comedy Competition 2014
Runner Up – Forbidden Fruit Comedy Search 2014
Runner Up – Show Me the Funny 2015

If we care we also share – go on – Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EmmaDoranComedian



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