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Cork Comedy Sketch Group Have New RTÉ 2 Show

CCCahoots have just released the trailer for the three-part Comedy series coming to RTÉ 2 this December.

CCCahoots are an Irish TV and film production company specialising in comedy, whose work prioritises warm natural performances; a cinematic, often colourful look; and most importantly, widespread ‘soundness’ on set!


The School’ is a mockumentary following the appointment of a new principal to a primary school just weeks before their Christmas nativity, with hilarious results.

The show is set to make us feel nostalgic for our old school days.

CCCahoots members play the three main roles. Tadhg Hickey plays Tom Hegarty, who comes up with far fetched plans in an attempt to make things difficult for the new principal. Dominic Machale portrays the new principal Mr. English.  Lauro O’Mahony takes on the role of Briege Daly.Hickey also wrote and directed the series with additional material by the cast.

‘The School’ coming to RTE 2 December 2017.

The team have previous experience from creating, writing and performing in a different web series for RTE’s Republic of Telly and short drama platform Storyland about a man who is in love with himself.

The trio has previously created a new short film based around a group of hipsters in Cork. The mockumentary style film is a taster for a longer narrative about a family who starts a funeral business.




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