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COMEDY ZONE: Key & Peele’s ‘Fake Aliens’

Starring US duo Key & Peele, Comedy Zone returns with another intense absurd drama. This time the world has been over run with aliens, bent on taking over the planet and destroying all humans.  

Their task is simple – survive an all out out alien invasion and all will be OK. Pretty simple right?

The aliens aren’t your typical grey transparent bodies with giant ballon shaped heads with oval disks for eyes. Instead they take the form of regular people. But remember it’s fictional comedy not every day life.

Possibly the only survivors of the invasion Key & Peele use a clever way of deciphering who is human and who is alien by simply asking questions such as “would you let me date your daughter’ or What do you think about the police?“. If the person answers incorrectly they get a belly full of lead. Lovely.

Watch the Comedy Central backed promo here.




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