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BBC Comedy Sketch Parodies Reporting Sexual Assault

The victim of a mugging gets a grilling at the police station.

This sketch from the Tracey Ullman Show hilariously demonstrates the problem with women reporting sexual assault nowadays. It is not uncommon that victim of sexual abuse can be held partly to blame – skirt was too short, she was too drunk or did she really object to it?

Ullman brilliantly tackles this sensitive issue without directly needing to address sexual abuse. It is set in a Police Station where a well dressed man is being interviewed after being mugged.

Is this what you were wearing when it happened?” Ullman’s detective asks, gesturing at the man’s nice suit. “You look quite provocatively wealthy… Just a bit of an invitation, isn’t it? Like you’re advertising it.”

If you are living in Ireland and if any of the themes in this article or video have affected you, you can seek help discreetly and privately here: http://www.drcc.ie/get-help-and-information/centres-around-ireland/

If you are living elsewhere please make contact with a relevant organisation or loved one. Be safe out there.








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