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Comedy & Music: ‘The Lonely Island’ trio

We like musical comedy. The best are short stories and often very clever. One of our favorites is The Lonely Island.  The comedy trio were formed by Akiva Schaffer, Andy Samberg, and Jorma Taccone in Berkeley, California back in 2001.

It’s a brilliant tale of hard graft. The trio first met the previous decade in junior high and after graduating from college, they regrouped and moved to Los Angeles, California. They struggled to find work and instead began making short films, combining absurdist comedy and occasionally music. (This Foil Arms & Hog?) One of the first comedy acts to exploit the Internet, The Lonely Island involved themselves with Channel 101, a non-profit monthly short film festival. Their popularity at the screenings led to unsuccessful pilot deals with Fox and Comedy Central, but also a writing job for the 2005 MTV Movie Awards. The show’s host, Jimmy Fallon, recommended them to to the legendary Lorne Michaels, the creative exec behind America’s No.1 comedy entertainment show Saturday Night Live. Michaels said – do some more shorts!

SNL Digital Short: ‘I Just Had Sex’ By The Lonely Island ft Akon:

The group was then hired for Saturday Night Live in 2005, with all three as writers and Samberg as a featured player. Bypassing the traditional process of pitching, they recorded their own material independently and submitted it to the program. Their second sketch to air, “Lazy Sunday”, became an online sensation, the first of many viral videos they produced while at SNL. They led their own division at the program — SNL Digital Shorts — which led to numerous viral videos, including “Dick in a Box”, “Jizz in My Pants”, “I’m on a Boat”, “Like a Boss”, “I Just Had Sex”, “Jack Sparrow”, and “YOLO”. Their musical comedic work has comprised three full studio albums: Incredibad (2009), Turtleneck & Chain (2011), and The Wack Album (2013). The three retired from SNL in the early 2010s, but occasionally make guest appearances.

Watch – The Lonely Island’s ‘Jack Sparrow’ (feat. Michael Bolton)

Bonus Clip: We couldn’t leave out their most popular ‘YouTube Video to date reaching a whopping 76Million views, ‘YOLO’ (feat. Adam Levine & Kendrick Lamar)

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