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Comedy Monopoly ft Dawn FrenChurch St Station and Jack Whitehall

A Monopoly board has been created based on comedians. 

Dave Cribb who created Comedy Central’s Amusical Show has now developed a new monopoly board called Comedy Monopoly. He paired up Greg Hughes to create it.  Comedians have replaced place names such including “Dawn FrenChurch St Station”, “Jack Whitehall” and “Park Laney Henry.”

Cribb was inspired when he was watching The Chase and misheard a question about Monopoly as “Sara Pascoe”. He took to Twitter to ask what other comedians should be on the board.

The board has drawn the attention of stars including Radio 1 presenter Greg James, and comedians Nish Kumar and London Hughes, who appear in the game.

Mr Cribb, who has also worked in radio, said: “It was just a bit of Twitter fun – my sister Sarah and I had the idea a couple of days ago while watching The Chase, and my friend Greg Hughes turned it into a mock-up board after it took off a bit on Twitter.

“Sara Pass-Go (Pascoe) was the original inspiration, she was on the show and one of the questions was about Monopoly and we both just misheard“.

“Then people on Twitter just started suggesting them, so I began making a list (I have very little to do at the moment, clearly).

“Old Ken Dodd really made me laugh, which was suggested by Matt Tasker who works on the Radio 2 Breakfast Show, and NorthumberlAndy Parsons Avenue, which was suggested by Greg James.

“Carl Donnelly suggested himself, so I added him to reward his shameless audacity.”

Greg Hughes, who designed the board, added: “To be honest it was all Dave’s work – I’ve known him for a few years and am a fan of a lot of his stuff.

“I’d seen him post about creating the board, and coming up with the names and thought some of the suggestions were hilarious!

“I had some time to kill so thought I’d try and help out and throw together the names onto a board in Photoshop… it was that simple – just a silly idea on Twitter.

I’m a big fan of the original “Sara Pass-Go” – and “Shappi Khor-Strand-i”.

“But I think the train stations are probably my favourites though – “John OLiverpool Street” and “Dawn FrenchChurch Street”. It’s been amazing seeing people’s brilliant suggestions coming in.”



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