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China’s Biggest Comedy Ever

On October 12th Never Say Die was released in China and it changed everything.

Before this Jackie Chan held the title for the highest grossing comedy ever in the are with Kung Fu Yoga which received over $250 million. However, Never Say Die has completely taken over.

It was first released on Sept 30th, the National Holiday. This comedy has broken records earning $181 million in the first week alone. This makes it one of the biggest weeks of comedy China has ever experienced.


This king slaying comedy is directed by Yang Song & Chiyu Zhang. To make things even worse for Jackie Chan they have completely knocked out his new film The Foreigner which is playing alongside Never Say Die in cinemas all across China.


What makes the success of the film even more impressive is the two lead actors, Allen Ai and Li Ma, weren’t hugely known when the film came out. But they are now!

While ticket sales have slowed down since the original release it should have no problem contending with the hugely popular comedies such as Ben Stiller and Robert DeNiro hit Meet The Fockers.