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WATCH – Arron Crascall’s Best Vines

One of the UK’s stand out weekly online Vine comedians is Arron Crascall.  Grintage are keen to see more of this from Irish creators / performers. 

The premise is so simple – and successful. Arron is usually found sneaking up behind people in the supermarket or street with something off the wall to say…followed by his catch phrase and sunglasses combo “See Ya Later”!

Crascall a 32 year old from Dover, joined Vine in 2013 and as since grown into one the UK’s leading social media stars. He has more than 1 million combined followers across Facebook, Vine, Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube, and could well become the UK’s next breakout social media personality.

But Crascall himself is an unassuming character who works full-time in a bookmakers and has two children. He said in an online interview:

“I got into Vine because I was making videos on Snapchat and people kept telling me they wanted to see them saved and on other platforms. I then had a friend show me Vine and it started from there. The “See Ya Later” character is one I love and it’s great to see how popular it has become”

Ireland could do with a few of his sort out there making comedy bites on the fly! To follow Arron and potentially be inspired to create your own or simply to just enjoy in his adventures you can find him at the following links:

Vine | YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

“See Ya Later”



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