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VIDEO: Fr Ted’s Fr Stone’s ‘toilet humour’!!

When we first posted this classic Michael Redmond stand up in our first week going live it was one of the most viewed videos ever. Then we barely had 300 likes. Now we have nearly 30,000. Thank you. 

So with so many new grintagers on board here again is 8 minutes of ‘exclusive’ stand-up from the legendary Father Ted star Michael Redmond. It is a masterclass in stand up comedy timing – and admit it – who of us is only thinking of Fr Stone doing his ‘business’ while Fr Ted sat in the bath? We added that clip too …

Performing at the Entertainment Party Conference at the Olympia Theatre in 1990 in front of a sell-out crowd of comedy fans still on a high after Italia ’90, Michael  absolutely nails it. What he didn’t know was that Fr. Ted co-writer Arthur Mathews was also on the same bill as part of the spoof  religious U2 tribute band The Joshua Trio. We must get that clip too!

It may have been half a decade before Michael would become immortalised as Father Stone but it’s easy to see why he got the part. The word deadpan was invented for the brilliant Mr. Redmond.

Catch the man live in 2016 if you have a chance.


There’s plenty more exclusive comedy from the Grintage archives in our You Tube channel from Dermot Morgan, Jason Byrne, Meave Higgins, Mr Trellis, John Bishop, Deirdre O’Kane, Alan Carr, Sean Hughes and plenty more.



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