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90s cartoon ‘Animaniacs’ is coming back!

It premiered in 1993 and ran for 99 episodes.

Hollywood director and producer is set to bring back the 1990s animated cartoon series Animaniacs.

The original show debuted in 1993 as a satirical weekday afternoon exploration of Hollywood, and told stories around Yakko, Wakko and Dot Warner, three characters who were trapped in the water tower of the Warner Bros. lot in the 1930s.


The cult favourites  featured snippets of classic Hollywood films and memorable musical numbers, other characters featured in the show included faded veteran star Slappy Squirrel, Buttons and Mindy, Pinky and the Brain, and the Goodfeathers, a pigeon parody of Martin Scorsese’s iconic gangster film Goodfellas.

Some of the most memorable sketches include ‘Good Idea/Bad Idea’ and ‘Dot’s Poetry Corner’.

It spawned two spin-off series Pinky & the Brain, Pinky and Elmira & the Brain. The show won eight Daytime Emmy Awards during its six years on the air, as well as a prestigious Peabody Award, which recognises cultural importance.

“Too often today, animation on television is produced in a workman-like manner, with little attention paid to characterisation, illustration, and, above all, narrative storytelling,” the Peabody website says of the 1993 honour.

“This series, with appeal to adults as well as children, reminds us of the glory days of Hollywood animation and brings that period up-to-date with sparkling characters, witty dialogue, and stunning production.

“The magic touch of executive producer Steven Spielberg is in evidence in the work of senior producers Rich Arons and Sherri Stoner, and the rest of the outstanding production team. For restoring quality to the daily animated television series, and for doing so in a thoroughly engaging and highly kinetic manner, a Peabody to Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs.”




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