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Pronouncing Irish names as they are spelt

Gary Lyons recorded himself pronouncing Irish names as they are spelt and it has gone viral!

The comedian has a Facebook page Lyonsey’s Den that has nearly 48k likes. He post’s videos that are very relatable to us Irish such as things to do in the countryside, how to play hurling and Irish Mammies in the morning. He only posted his recent video, Irish names pronounced the way they are spelt, on Monday and already it has over 2 million views!

His Facebook bio reads:  Although I’m doing some funny videos at the. What I want to do as well. Whether It’s a status, picture or video is to talk about mental health wellness and depression in Ireland. In Ireland especially we don’t like opening up and talking about this kind of stuff and it’s so important we do. Whether it’s making someone laugh , a friendship or just someone to talk to , I set up this page just to make people smile and cry with laughter
Snap: lyonse11
Insta: @lyonseysden
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