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10 Weird Things an IRISH Person Noticed visiting AMERICA

“Don’t shoot me I’m Irish! Everybody loves the Irish”

YouTuber Diane Jennings went to America, and as an Irish person these are the first things she noticed.

Here is a little note from herself:

This was just my FIRST trip guys. I’ve been since and will go back again, I LOVE America. This is a quirky list of the observations from that first trip.

-We didn’t have a car which I now know is unheard of in America.

-Ive learnt we were in a food desert & no it was not a convenience store it was a supermarket that simply did not have produce, I don’t know the name

-yes you’re totally right all chaps are indeed assless, my bad but ya know it’s a fun phrase to say

A lot of people are asking WHY I’d go to LA and New York, well if you’ve seen a depiction of a place on screen almost every day of your life you’re going to want to go there first. I do of course want to visit other States (and have done since) but you can only do one trip at a time and it’s super expensive to go over.

I was 18 when I went to America for the first time and these are just a tiny selection of the things I noticed as an Irish person that were different from Ireland.



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