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Will New Netflix Comedy ‘Insatiable’ Be Cancelled Before It’s Even Released?

A coming of rage story. Insatiable, starring Debby Ryan.

This is 12-episode revenge comedy is coming to Netflix August 10th…. or is it?

This dark, revenge-themed high school comedy has caused a lot of controversy online.

Insatiable is the story of a disgraced civil lawyer-turned-beauty pageant coach takes on a vengeful, bullied teenager as his client. In this show, the main lead Patty is bullied for being fat and it has not gone down well. Debby Ryan, who is thin, plays Patty and wears a very bad fat suit in the before scenes.

People have taken out their anger online saying it glorifies eating disorders and that women cannot be happy unless they are thin. In just a few days a petition to cancel the show has reached over 100,000 signatures.

The organiser of the Change.org petition  Florence Given commented: “For so long, the narrative has told women and young impressionable girls that in order to be popular, to have friends, to be desirable for the male gaze, and to some extent be a worthy human… that we must be thin.

“The toxicity of this series is bigger than just this one particular series. This is not an isolated case but part of a much larger problem that I can promise you every single woman has faced in her life, sitting somewhere on the scale of valuing their worth on their bodies, to be desirable objects for the male gaze.

“That is exactly what this series does. It perpetuates not only the toxicity of diet culture but the objectification of women’s bodies.”

However, show creators – and Alyssa Milano, who also stars – say they’ve got it all wrong.

Milano responded to criticism on Twitter with the following:

She also linked to this Teen Vogue article, which takes a similar tack, saying:

Insatiable is a dark revenge comedy taking aim at teenage bullying, society’s warped beauty standards, and the monsters that live inside all of us. For years, Patty has been teased, underestimated, and overlooked because of her weight. After being punched in the face during a parking lot squabble, she spends her summer with her jaw wired shut. When she returns to school, everyone’s stunned by her physical change.

Problematic? You bet. After all, if someone’s treatment of you is rooted in how your body looks, that says a lot about them, not you. Attuned to that, Patty sets out on a quest to make everyone pay for how they treated her (even if you really should just let karma deal with the wrongdoers in its good, sweet time).

We are just going to have to wait until we watch the show I guess. See the trailer below.




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